Nashira Arnó

is a NYC based jewelry designer from the Dominican Republic.

Being the embodiment of her own muse, she uses her work as a personal outlet. Painting, with each creation, an abstract story or subtle statement. 

Thinking of every piece as an objet d'art, her aesthetic relays on a constant search for balance, deconstruction of balance and juxtaposition of ideas. This formula, combined with her fascination for minerals and gemstones, makes her aesthetic ethereal yet modern.

"There's beauty in simplicity"

Through her gemological studies and cultural, art and history explorations, she was revealed that the most seductive thing in existence is the beauty of nature. It speaks to us without words. It attracts us. In their undeniable beauty, gemstones are given from the earth like flowers to be admired.  They carry earth’s energy, like the woman that wears them.

Nashira Arno's elegant pieces are made all the more timeless by their simplicity. The beautifully crafted accessories use precious gems that not only catch the eye of the viewer, but also highlight the grace of the wearer, making them must haves for the modern sartorialist.